Does anybody elses nose start bleeding when picking boogas?

Answer Don't use your fingers no wonder your nose is bleeding! jeez use a Kleenex!

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My nose is bleeding. Have I been picking it too much or not enough?

Lol keep your fingers out of there hon and it should soon clear up.x

Does nose picking increase nostril size?

I bet.Your finger stretches the skin...Don' t pick your nose because1. infection2. catching colds3. nosebleeds4. hairloss5. DEAAATHby YahooCheck out how to not pick nose Read More »

Is anybody elses twitter not working at the moment?

Why does my nose keep bleeding?

There are many different reasons mine get like that too. Some of it can be because of stress or my reason is because of the season is changing. The weather in the air, most people get nose bleeds d... Read More »