Does anybody else think facebook is boring?

Answer Yeah, it really is. And people that you don't want to hear from ever again always find you on there. I stick with Myspace. It's plenty for me.

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Does anybody else think swine flu is ridiculous!!?

The public health authorities are behaving correctly imo, but the hype and hysteria is a bit fishy if anything. It is as if it is being manipulated for political ends..

Does anybody else think that the 70s and 80s music was way better than the stuff out now?

Oh my god. I totally agree with you. I am 20 years old and the only thing I listen to is classic rock. I am a huge Styx fan and they came out in the 70's. The first three preset stations on my car... Read More »

Does anybody else think that little girls doing beauty pageants is kinda odd?

I have family members that have done a couple of pageants. What happens backstage is disgusting. half the kids are crying from pain (tight rollers, teeth bleach, eye liner, tight dresses, glue to m... Read More »

Is Facebook down for anybody else?

It's 10:40 AM (PST) and I can't access Facebook either. )-: Was looking to see if anyone else was having the same problem.Edit: It's 10:44 AM and Facebook is back online.