Does anybody else have tetracycline stains?

Answer One of my friends from China had severe tetracycline staining. Her stained teeth did get whiter after she did bleaching. She used the take home kit. Therefore, I am thinking you will see at least s... Read More »

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Does anybody else have a flip camcorder?

I have had mine for about 2 weeks. I dropped it once and it turned on with no problems. I don't think it is extremely fragile, but I don't think it could take much punishment either. Did you hav... Read More »

Does anybody else have Y!A best friends!!!?

Yes! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I thought maybe I was a socially deficient freak, lol. But it's so easy to connect to other people this way. And I actually think it's easier to see how much... Read More »

Does anybody else have their belt set to W for wumbo?

Did someone steal the shrink ray from mermaid man again?

Does anybody else have problems with an overgrowth of anal hair?

That is where the new and improved Anal Hair Trimmers, by Ronco, come in so handy.The only problem is that in a few rare cases, they have also depenisized a few men, and devulva-ized a few women.Bu... Read More »