Does anybody else have difficulty reading Wikipedia pages outloud?

Answer I honestly don't. I find it very easy to skim through wikipedia pages as well with out pronouncing the words in my head. On rare occasions when no one is around I do say the words out quietly to pr... Read More »

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Why does a dump of the Wikipedia database have more pages than Wikipedia itself has?

Certain classes of pages, even when in the main "article" namespace, don't count as "articles" for the purpose of statistics. Most notably, redirects! You're probably seeing those, among a few othe... Read More »

Does anybody else have Y!A best friends!!!?

Yes! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I thought maybe I was a socially deficient freak, lol. But it's so easy to connect to other people this way. And I actually think it's easier to see how much... Read More »

Does anybody else have a flip camcorder?

I have had mine for about 2 weeks. I dropped it once and it turned on with no problems. I don't think it is extremely fragile, but I don't think it could take much punishment either. Did you hav... Read More »

Does anybody else have tetracycline stains?

One of my friends from China had severe tetracycline staining. Her stained teeth did get whiter after she did bleaching. She used the take home kit. Therefore, I am thinking you will see at least s... Read More »