Does anybody else besides Kodak make film in the U.S.?

Answer Yes, aside from Kodak, Fuji and Agfa also make films in the U.S. (both used for photography and motion picture). Fuji's head office is in Valhalla, New York, while Agfa's head office is in Ridgefie... Read More »

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Where is Kodak film manufactured?

Kodak has always been based in Rochester, New York. I don't know if some of their film is manufactured overseas or not. Answer Kodak has plants in North America, Europe and Asia. They make film at ... Read More »

How do I develop old Kodak film?

Chemical PreparationMix the necessary chemicals to develop black and white film--D-76, Stop Bath, and Fixer--according to the directions. Unless you have lots of film to develop, use the quart size... Read More »

What speed is Kodak safety film?

Safety film is characterized by the acetate substrate that holds the emulsion layer or light-sensitive chemicals needed to make a photograph or a motion picture. Before acetate, there was a nitrate... Read More »

What places still process Kodak disposable camera film?

Walgreens. They advertise 1 hr. service in most cases. Google walgreens los angeles.