Does anybody else besides Kodak make film in the U.S.?

Answer Yes, aside from Kodak, Fuji and Agfa also make films in the U.S. (both used for photography and motion picture). Fuji's head office is in Valhalla, New York, while Agfa's head office is in Ridgefie... Read More »

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Does anyone else besides me think they should make the MSF course mandatory for new riders?

I think it is a good point and like the Ideal. Some states make us wear helmets, why not safety course. However I don't like the government passing laws all the time that take a way my freedom of c... Read More »

Does anybody know a good hangover cure (besides abstinance)?

Drink lots of water. A hangover is caused by dehydration and the best cure is to rehydrate your body.I'm also a fan of pasta to help settle my stomach.

Does anybody else feel bad for DMX?

He's one of the highest selling rappers of all time, yet it seems like so many people have forgotten him.I feel bad for him, but in the end the misery he has was largely brought on himself.

Besides eating it solo, what's something else you can make with a banana.?

SmoothieBanana MilkshakeSlice and add to a bowl of cerealChocolate covered bananaBanana bread or muffinAdd it with other fruits and make a fruit saladAdd to a pina colada, a scoop of ice cream and ... Read More »