Does anybody actually like getting up on cold mornings?

Answer Well i live in Miami, so unless the AC is on then there arent many cold mornings...sorry

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Does anybody actually like Victoria Beckham?

I think she needs a sandwich, there isn't enough of her to not like.

Does anybody actually like brussel sprouts?

errrrrr no mega super hydro skankoid totalthey r soooo minging and discusting p.s vote 4 me

Does anybody actually like Peanut Butter?

I only like chunky peanut butter. Smooth peanut butter reminds me of paste.

I'm getting a cold, anybody got any good remedies?

There is no way to get rid of it, however there are a lot of good ways of helping it clear up that little bit faster, or at very least make you feel better;-Drink lots of water.-Drinking hot ginger... Read More »