Does any1 know what a suppository is?

Answer It is medication that is in the form of like a wax and it is shaped like a bullet and you can put it in your rectum or women have them for their private parts. Most suppositories are for hemroids... Read More »

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I know there is a "recipe" (or a medicine, idk) that will help you vomit. does any1 know it?

Days Does any1 know what ever happened to "Bart"?

He was fatally stabbed by André ....... August 3, 2007

Did pumps get her bfp, does any1 know?

oo thanks hun! How lovely of you!ive been testing with internet cheapies and getting BFN but still NO period! So il go buy a branded hpt to day I think!I defo will let you know if i get any good ne... Read More »

My house is making a high pitch squeal, it is very faint but audible.Does any1 know what it could be?