Does any1 know the reset pin for a ntl samsung digital box. under the samsung logo it has another number?

Answer Contact either ntl, samsung or virgin media customer services, also ,do a soft reset by pressing ok+left+right at the same time as someone plugs it in for could try leaving it unplugged ... Read More »

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How to Reset the Toner on a Samsung?

Samsung cartridges have a mechanism through which they notify printers when they are running low on ink. Unfortunately, this mechanism is not reversible, which means if you refill the cartridge wit... Read More »

How to Reset the Samsung CLP-300 Printer?

When your Samsung CLP-300 is not responding properly, or needs reconfiguration, you can reset the printer to clear any errors or configuration settings. The power reset clears the settings on the s... Read More »

How do I reset a Samsung A737?

Press Soft KeyPress the left soft key under the word "Menu." The soft keys are the two keys under the LCD screen with a "-" symbol on them. Soft keys perform the functions written above them on the... Read More »

I was planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 a couple weeks ago but now that Apple beat Samsung would it be wise?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is not in the list of Apple's Ban of Samsung Smartphones. But Galaxy S2 is in the list. Apple told the court to Ban the production of 14 particular Samsung Smartphones including G... Read More »