Does any1 agree that the new facebook is crap!!!?

Answer Yes and I also believe in miracles... so where ya from? - you sexy thing, you sexy thing you.

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What's one thing that your lil' one does that just annoys the crap out of you?

I'm way late on this question, but I'm adding my two cents anyway. She turns the computer off. It doesn't matter how many times I have told her no, redirected her, anything I can think of- the mi... Read More »

Celebrity Hijack: Does anyone else agree that it will probably be the CELEBRITIES that keep us watching.?

I totally agree and i think if the celebs dont do a good job then the ratings of this show are gonna drop but if they are as good as matt was then there shouldnt be a problem.

Is Facebook really crap?

Facebook is not "crap" at all. Plus it's much more confidential than Myspace and people lie less since it's within your own group of friends. You can set things to privacy, set it up so that only t... Read More »

Does anyone agree that science is like chocolate?