Does any vitamin help with gum disease?

Answer On One Hand: Vitamins C and D Can HelpDeficiencies of Vitamins C and D are associated with periodontal disease, which causes swelling, bleeding, pain and redness of the gums. Eating citrus fruits h... Read More »

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Does vitamin e oil help with wounds?

On One Hand: Vitamin E is a Necessary NutrientAccording to a 2003 article in "The Alternative Medicine Review," Doctors Douglas Mackay and Alan Miller stated, "Nutritional deficiencies can impede w... Read More »

Does vitamin E help with skin& hair?

On One Hand: Topical Vitamin E BeneficialMaret G. Traber, Ph.D., of Oregon State University, states vitamin E in topical creams is effective in improving skin's appearance by penetrating deep into ... Read More »

Does vitamin B12 help with weight loss?

On One Hand: Study EvidenceA study published in 2005 states that there is no evidence that B12 injections increase weight loss, according to The subjects took vitamin B12, among oth... Read More »

Does vitamin e oil help with peeling finger nails?

On One Hand: Vitamin E Oil May HelpVitamin E oil may help to restore lost moisture to the fingernails. When Vitamin E oil is consistently applied at least three times each day, nail texture may beg... Read More »