Does any one remembers DOS commands?

Answer Bad command or file name - Usually, this is when you miss type a command or if DOS does not know the command.Bad or missing command interpreter - DOS cannot locate the, an important fil... Read More »

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How does a Computer remembers the exact time set on it, even if gets shut down?

open up ur cpu and check yourselfthere will be battey in the motherboard ,its called cmos batteryif that battery is dead,your pc will make a beep sound same thing with cell phones

How does one Bind commands Mouse/Keyboard?

Binding is the correct term, yes, but to do that you would need to be able to use a console or other debugging tools. It is very simple and easy though you probably will need a guide that tells yo... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4S receive commands in Spanish?

Iphone 4S will take commands in Spanish by Siri in the present year 2012 according to Apple's website

How many major commands does the US Air Force Have?

enlisted personnel must service out their enlistment unless there is a dire cause for early release. An officer can resign from service..............