Does any one on here prefer facebook to the other sites?

Answer yes i do.i have to say i dont have a bebo account but several teenagers i know (friends daughters and my sis) have and i think thats more 4 the younger 1s or it should be.and i have had a myspace a... Read More »

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How does Facebook site becomes a world popular When there is so many other social sites?

A good question JE SuisOK, the first thing at all and a biggest thing is hacking,Facebook is very secured so that hacking is lower than other social networking sitesThan, Facebook offers many type ... Read More »

What do u prefer.. ORkut, Facebook, BigAdda, MInglebox,... or ne other...?

My choice is Hi5 ( I think it's way better than these.

What other sites are there besides Facebook and Myspace?

Do you have any account in other sites than Y!A Facebook/ Myspace,?