Does any one know why my printer is showing full of ink when they are both enpty?

Answer Yes.Someone must have lifted the ink cartridge from its holder in the printer. This triggered the printer to think that you put in a new cartridge when in actuality, you tricked it by lifting the ... Read More »

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You have two primary health insurances and want to know if they both have to pay as primaries not as a secondary and what happens if a bill gets overpaid when they both pay?

AnswerEventually the insurances will figure out that one is overpaying and they'll get refunds from the doctors. Note that some policies do not coordinate and then they both might pay as prime cor... Read More »

Trying to use my printer which hasn't been used for some time, ink cartiridge showing almost full?

Yes, your ink has definitely dried up and new ink cartridges are required.

When you buy a new printer, does it usually come with ink i know they dont come with the USB cord.?

Printers like Lexmark and HP have combo color cartridges. Other printers have individual color cartridges. These are better because with combo cartridges when the red runs out you have to buy and w... Read More »

Can my 4/1 HP Printer, C3100 series run with both cartridges installed but only the black ink cartridge full?

No.t can't be doneWITH MOST PRINTERS, you are required to have ink in both the black and color ink cartridges in order to print in black as they work in conjunction with each other. So you will nee... Read More »