Does any one know when Direct TV will get nat geo wild?

Answer Absoutely!

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When exactly is the new Direct TV Tivo DVR coming out I know it's later this year but does anyone know exactly when and for how much?

I know it has been pushed back to 2010 (re: send part of 2009 is out the window).Hopefully... the delay will mean they are waiting to use their newest series 4 tech in the direct tv box....Cost, do... Read More »

Does anyone know when "The Street" will be back on BBC2?

I don't think you're in luck. It doesn't seem to be on any information boards etc, which means I take it that there are no plans to repeat.

Does anyone know when union pacific railroad furloughs will end?

When the economy gets back to normal if that ever happens.People need to have the money to buy stuff and until they do we won't be shipping goods like we used too.Business seems to be picking up wh... Read More »

Does anyone know when the next line of Alienware laptops will release?

I'm sorry, but I just can't resist. Yes they look great, yes the hardware is usually pretty good, however the fact remains they're overpriced (they're the Macs of Windows PCs except the OS is actua... Read More »