Does any one know how to remove printer ink from your hands?

Answer rubbing alcohol works for me.

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How do I get printer cartridge ink off of my hands Serious answers people!?

Time is the only way to do this. Ink from the printer is like ink from a permanent marker. Please take note of the word PERMANENT. It will fade with time, washing and as your skin regenerates. ... Read More »

What can be used to clean printer ink stains on clothes and hands.?

How to Remove Wax From the Hands?

If you have sticky body wax on your hands for hair removal, you can get rid of the wax with just a few common household items. Body wax removes body hair quickly, but it can remain on your hands fo... Read More »

How do I remove ink from hands?

Wash Your HandsWash your hands with a liquid dishwashing soap. Use a scrub brush or rough-edged sponge to work the soap into your skin. Rinse.Use An AbrasiveApply a generous amount of an abrasive... Read More »