Does any one know how to fix printers?

Answer fixyourownprinter.com

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Does anyone know anything about printers?

A lot of times the printer head gets clogged. I suggest you unplug this printer from the computer, and from the AC source of electricity. Open the printer. Take the ink cartridges back out. Obtain ... Read More »

The cover project, does anyone know of any online printers?

Google Cloud print is an online printer

Does anyone know of any good home printers that are relatively cheap to run?

Right now Epson is having a blowout on the 5-color R280 for $60. It even prints on DVDs.…As someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (th... Read More »

I need to know what printers would work with my computer that has 63 RAM of memory?

As long as the printer drivers are compatible with your operating system you can use any printer.With that little of RAM I suspect you are running Win95 or Win98.