Does any one know how to delete a e-book from Kindle fire?

Answer Hello Susie,To delete a content from your Kindle Fire, please follow these steps:From the Device tab in your Books content library, press and hold the title you want to delete, then tap Remove from... Read More »

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How do I know my Kindle Fire Hd is charging?

It's quite troublesome that they take around the indicator light on this new Kindle Fire model. You get to check the battery status on the device, or you can install an app for workaround of this i... Read More »

Kindle users: question about Kindle Fire ($159) & Fire HD ($199)...?

- Yes you can surf the internet just like you do on your computer (Almost same). - Wifi connectivity for both devices you have mentioned- The model you are talking about is the one with 3g and only... Read More »

Can I put photos on my kindle fire from my iphone?

Short answer, yes.Long answer ... according to an internet search the kindle fire does not have bluetooth, the HD version does. So if your version has bluetooth you should be able to do it directly... Read More »

Will a kindle fire case fit a 4th generation Kindle?