Does any one know about this freelotto, is it real is it safe ?

Answer Sure it's real. But did you read the TOS on that page. The odds againest winning $2087 are a million to one. Dude, you would have a better chance of getting hit by lighting...and surviving!Of cou... Read More »

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I want to know about

How do I know if my car is safe to drive with all this talk about pot holes and bad roads as?

The pot holes have absolutely nothing to do with your car being safe enough to drive. Your car should be safe to dive if everything is working properly and it has passed a safely inspection. As far... Read More »

A relative of mine has had a BP reading of 250/150 and is concerned about heart. Does anyone know about this?

That person should be concerned about their heart, that reading is way too high for anyone - advise this relative to go to the doctor or hospial ASAP

Is this ufo footage real or is this fake I really don't know what to make of this!?