Does any one know a way to get rid of toothaches?

Answer I used acupuncture in similar situations and it worked wonder. You need to find an acupuncturist that would come to your house i suppose (which should not be too difficult. Many do come to your hou... Read More »

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Ointments for Toothaches?

Toothaches can be the result of bacteria that stick to your teeth. The bacteria releases acids that eventually eat through the enamel of your teeth. A toothache is often an indicator that you have ... Read More »

Vanilla and Toothaches?

Natural home remedies for toothaches abound. Vanilla extract, one commonly used remedy, has widely been reported to soothe toothaches when pain killers and other natural remedies are insufficient ... Read More »

What household items can you use for toothaches?

How do i use butternut to cure toothaches?

Find a butternut tree and cut off a small portion of the bark. See the Resources section for pictures of butternut trees.Check the bark for insects. If you find any make sure to knock them off, avo... Read More »