Does any one know a cannabis dealer in durham, England?

Answer Try the nearest Police Station they always know where to find a Cannabis Pusher anywhere in the world, No one knows any better then them :-)Take Care and God Bless you !

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How do you get a cannabis dealer?

Well, I'd advise you DON'T look someplace where you'll easily get busted trying to buy an illegal substance. Like the internet, for instance...

Can you use cannabis seeds to make cannabis goodies?

You could but it wouldn't give you the same effect.

When buying a used car from a dealer and they issue temp tags does the dealer insure the car for duration of the 30 day tags?

Answer I am a used car dealer in GA. You are responsible for insuring your vehicle before it leaves the lot. Answer You may not understand: While the tags are temporary, they are yours, not the de... Read More »

Who is Alex Durham?

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