Does any one heared or know something about this pc virus?

Answer Your problem is AVG - I take it your running AVG 8.I agree with Helen Scott false positive, AVG 8 eats memory like norton (could be one of the reasons your running slow), AVG is well known for miss... Read More »

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Has anyone ever heared of the organization/buisiness Leadership Team Development, or know anything about them?

I don't know much about this orginization, although I was approached last week and this lady went over a speil with me at Mc Donalds. I had asked questions pertaining to more information about this... Read More »

Poll: Did you know about this new computer virus?

I already have thatWho do i send it too today?!

I want to know if this is just part of my norm or something I should be worried about! Please help!?

You are being paranoid.You've had a period since you had sex, so you're not pregnant.

Does anyone know something about cars?

One of the wheel speed sensors is bad. You need a scan tool that can read ABS codes to find out which sensor it is. OBD II code readers will not work for ABS/traction control codes.