Does any one have the product key of windows 7 ?

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Does anyone have a Windows XP Media Edition Product Key?…

How do I get a Windows 7 disk I already have a product code.?

Erika told you how to download windows 7, then you have to make a disk with the download yourselfand you can also get a windows 7 download and key on

Will any windows xp disk work if you have your own product key?

Your own authentic, licensed Windows XP product key will work with any Windows XP disc of the same edition. After installing Windows XP, use the Windows Product Key Update Tool to enter your own pr... Read More »

Can I revert my netbook back to Windows 7 Starter if I have the product key?

The product key on the back of your netbook is for a restoration image that should be on your HDD. If you reformatted your harddrive, you're out of luck. If you haven't, though, you're good. Just r... Read More »