Does any ihome remote work for a ih4?

Answer no only the one meant for it will work

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Will a ihome ih5b work with iPhone 4S?

Yes, Yes it will, and why would you ask here in the first place if you can just try it?

Will ihome work with the 3rd generation ipod nano?

12/24/07 I called Ihome and was told that the Ihome 2Go product does not work with the 3rd generation Ipod Nano.

Will the ipad 2 otterbox defender case work with the ihome ia100?

It Will Fit Perfectly! It Would Even Fit with Bigger Cases!

I have a Motorola DCH3416 HD TunerDVR and a Samsung remote bn59-00598a and have tried these remote codes 0276 0476 0810 1106 1187 1376 and 064 but can't get the Samsung remote to work Any help?

1376 worked for me on my Atlas OCAP DVR-1056. I couldn't get it to work until I managed to unlock the preprogrammed CBL setting (locked to Pioneer apparently by TW Cable)