Does any company sell printers that has got ink already in , or are they to clever?

Answer All printers come with sealed ink cartridges in the packaging, the end user can not be expected to buy a printer and the place they buy it from not have any cartridges available, so for that reason... Read More »

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How long does a ow company have before they can re-title/sell your car in Florida?

This is the 2012 Florida Statutes for towing !!!…

Is it ok to change auto insurance after twenty years with the same company as another good insurance company can give a better discount because they already have your homeowners policy?

Answer This is perfectly okay. Things to check on is make sure your deductable hasn't risen significantly, as well as your coverage terms. You know, fine print things.

Is it ok to use re-use paper in printers, for example the alternate side of paper that I have already used?

The us does not recognize that fundamental human rights ever fall within the category of customary international law because they are already covered under ucmj?

Answer"Sir, trainee [ insert surname here ] reports as ordered!" - the reporting statement is the first thing you take with you to training."All trainees are reminded to drink three non-carbonated,... Read More »