Does any body like to have a cup of coffee with Lovely birds ?

Answer Yes. I like to have a cup of coffee with Lovely birds.. Where do i come now ?

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How long does it take for your body to assimilate one cup of coffee with one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of cream?

Answer Within seconds of your very first sip, you may feel the effects of coffee with dopamine racing to your brain. Theoretically, caffeine is already in your system before you finish your cup of... Read More »

Does anyone amazing and lovely have a spotify code for me?

Don't know how to get a code - but you can have my username and password for it if you just want to listen? Or tell me how to generate a code and I'll do it :-)@UA those sites just make you do surv... Read More »

Does any body have a good natural cure for heartburn like something to eat to get rid of it?

A teraspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water usually helps - or something like Eno's or Andrews liver salts!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Starbucks Coffee Or McDonald's Coffee Which do you like better?

Out of the three, Dunkin Donuts makes the most regular tasting coffee which is better than the watered down coffee you get at starbucks and the artificially flavored coffee at Mcdonalds.