Does an original oil painting have to be signed by the artist?

Answer The purpose of signing an original oil painting is so that it can be identified. When time goes by, if the oil painting is not signed, no one will know who created it. In fact, it will probably los... Read More »

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What French artist signed his paintings with l.d.?

Jacques-Louis David (1748 to 1825) signed his paintings "l.d.," which stood for Louis David, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City website, commenting on his 1787 painting, The... Read More »

Can parental rights be signed away just by filling out a form or does an attorney have to be obtained and does the other party have to agree?

Answer If a parent AGREES to give up their rights, no attorney is needed, but a written agreement made, and signed with a WITNESS, that way it can't come back to haunt either party

How to Find Out the Artist of a Painting?

Tracking down the artist of a painting can be enjoyable or frustrating, easy or impossible. It all depends on how much information you have up front and how much time you have on your hands. The hi... Read More »

How to Find an Artist by Painting Style?

Gone are the days of having to find information by laboriously trawling through heavy and dusty art history books in the reference section of the library. Finding information about an art movement ... Read More »