Does an online degree matter?

Answer On One Hand: Job Advancement and Fading StigmaHaving a college degree may be a necessary qualification for job advancement or military officer training. And as more prestigious universities begin t... Read More »

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How to Find an Accredited Online College and Get an Online Degree?

There are 5 Important Steps you should follow to research how to find the best accredited online school for you. By following these steps, you will be able to weed out the online degree granting "P... Read More »

If spanking is abuse no matter what then doesn't that mean that hugging/kissing is rape no matter what?

Lol, You NAILED THAT PERFECTLY. I agree 100 percent. Spanking is abuse as much as kissing is rape!Edit - I hope I'm not misunderstood here, lol. Meaning spanking IS NOT abuse, and kissing/hugging I... Read More »

Can you get a job using an online degree?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanAlthough their classes take place in cyberspace rather than on a physical campus, fully accredited online colleges offer degrees just as valuable and difficult to receive a... Read More »

How to Get a Degree Online?

Somewhere along the line, you may have found your scholastic enterprise interrupted by career, family, or just life in general. You may also have found that the best jobs go to people with more edu... Read More »