Does an indoor bamboo plant need direct sunlight?

Answer The lucky bamboo plant doesn't need a significant amount of direct sunlight but does prefer plenty of indirect sunlight. It's a great apartment plant for non-green thumbs.

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Does a bamboo plant in water need sunlight?

Lucky bamboo is native to the understory of the rain-forest and needs very little sunlight. Too much light will cause the plant leaves to yellow and allow too much algae to grow in the water in whi... Read More »

How to Care for an Indoor Bamboo Plant?

Bamboo plants are very popular and while being in a pot makes them more sensitive, they can easily be grown as a house plant if you give them the right conditions to grow in.

How do I prune an indoor bamboo plant?

Clip unwanted or withering culms (stems of the bamboo grass) at the soil level with a sharp set of hand shears. Cut off any yellowing or brown leaves or branches. Prune for the height of the bamboo... Read More »

Do Bamboo Plants Need Sunlight?

True bamboo needs sun. Whether it is direct sun, partial sun, partial shade or indirect sun, all true bamboo needs sunlight. Lucky bamboo, a water lily that looks very much like bamboo, can survive... Read More »