Does an indoor bamboo plant need direct sunlight?

Answer The lucky bamboo plant doesn't need a significant amount of direct sunlight but does prefer plenty of indirect sunlight. It's a great apartment plant for non-green thumbs.

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Does a bamboo plant in water need sunlight?

Lucky bamboo is native to the understory of the rain-forest and needs very little sunlight. Too much light will cause the plant leaves to yellow and allow too much algae to grow in the water in whi... Read More »

Does a plant need sunlight to grow?

Plants are autotrophs, meaning they make their own food. Specifically, plants manufacture food through photosynthesis, which uses water, carbon dioxide and light to synthesize sugar. Artificial lig... Read More »

Do Bamboo Plants Need Sunlight?

True bamboo needs sun. Whether it is direct sun, partial sun, partial shade or indirect sun, all true bamboo needs sunlight. Lucky bamboo, a water lily that looks very much like bamboo, can survive... Read More »

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