Does an ethernet cord come with an xbox 360?

Answer The Xbox 360 Arcade---the standard version---does not include an ethernet cable, but the Xbox 360 Elite, which also plays original Xbox games, comes with an ethernet cable and a headset. Either con... Read More »

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Does the Xbox Arcade come with an Ethernet cord?

The Xbox 360 Arcade does not include an Ethernet cord. Although it does have an Ethernet port for online gaming, you will have to supply your own Ethernet cord or purchase one separately. The packa... Read More »

Does an Ethernet cord work as a phone cord?

While Ethernet cables are capable of carrying phone signals, rigging one up could be complicated. The ends of Ethernet cables are wider than phone cables, meaning you need an adapter, at the very l... Read More »

When you buy a new printer, does it usually come with ink i know they dont come with the USB cord.?

Printers like Lexmark and HP have combo color cartridges. Other printers have individual color cartridges. These are better because with combo cartridges when the red runs out you have to buy and w... Read More »

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