Does an employer have to provide health insurance?

Answer There are currently no laws requiring companies to provide health insurance for their employees. However, there are a wide variety of state and federal laws that regulate them should they choose to... Read More »

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Is an employer required to provide health insurance?

Employers are not required by law to provide health insurance to their employees. Those businesses that do offer health insurance, though, are forbidden under federal law to offer lesser health ben... Read More »

Can your employer's health insurance require your husband to take his employer's health insurance if his is not free and not as good as yours?

My employer requires that my husband participate in his company's health insurance or they will drop him from their insurance. Answer Insurance is a choice offered as a benefit by the employer beca... Read More »

Is it legal to have your own health insurance through your employer as well as being on your spouse's employer's health insurance plan?

Yes, but check into them carefully first. Both me & my husband both have insurance coverage on us and our kids. I did not realize it but it is hurting us more than helping us at the moment. My i... Read More »

Can your health insurance company force your spouse to take her employer's health plan as primary instead of yours?

Coordination of Benefits Yes, under the standard Coordination of Benefits provisions contained within Group Health Plans, the "rules" to determine which coverage pays first (primary) are clearly st... Read More »