Does an elevator require a mezuzah?

Answer On One Hand: Not RequiredMezuzahs are put on the doorposts of Jewish homes. It is to remind Jews of the presence of God and that Jews should always do good deeds, or mitzvot. It is also a public de... Read More »

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How to Make an Elevator an Express Elevator?

Say you're on the first floor and your meeting is on the tenth. You get in the elevator, but it suddenly stops on the third floor. Someone gets on and presses the "5" button. So now you have to sto... Read More »

Why do those signs say, "In Case of Fire, Do Not Use Elevator" How would you put a fire out with an elevator?

In case of fire do not use elevator as an exit, as the elevators disable with mass heat and are usually on an automatic shut down system for fires. Use the stairs!

How to Buy a Mezuzah?

Modern MezuzahThis This article will explain what to know and look out for when buying a Mezuzah.

How to Hang a Mezuzah?

A mezuzah represents the dividing line between the calm and sanctity of the inside of a Jewish home and the chaos of the outside world. Each mezuzah contains a rolled parchment, made from the skin ... Read More »