Does an association have a mortgage?

Answer It is not common for homeowner's associations to grant mortgages. However, a quick check in the land records under the name of the association would reveal any mortgages. In some cases a HOA may ho... Read More »

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Can a condo association evict you if you still hold the mortgage?

Classically, eviction is an action taken against tenants, not owners. Read your governing documents to determine the types of behaviours you can engage in that violate the agreements you made when ... Read More »

What happens to a first mortgage on a condo in California when the condominium is the one doing the foreclosure for the association fees?

Generally: The first mortgagee would receive notice, may choose to pay the overdue fees and add those to the amount due to the bank. If not, the condominium association would acquire the unit subj... Read More »

In Florida do past due condominium association fees have a priority as to payment over a first mortgage holder in a foreclosure situation?

Your governing documents will make this clear. The state law may limit the number of month's past due assessments can be recovered.Your association's attorney can answer your question directly.

Can a person abandon a condominium with no mortgage owed without ramifications from the homeowners association for future assessments for extensive neglected repairs?

Any person can walk away from most any responsibility. And there are usually ramifications.Read your governing documents to remind yourself of your responsibility to pay assessments, including futu... Read More »