Does an apple have more acid than a orange?

Answer An apple does not have more acid than an orange. An orange has more acid because an orange has stronger acids, like citric acid, which an apple does not have. An apple has very little acid.Source:P... Read More »

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Can you keep an apple from browning with any acid?

Most acids will prevent a cut apple from turning brown, however, not all acids are safe for consumption. Some acidic liquids used to keep apples from browning are lemon and lime juice or soda, asco... Read More »

Orange or Apple Juice?

Can an apple stop acid reflux?

On One Hand: Apples Are a Home RemedyAccording to, common home remedies for treating acid reflux include eating yogurt, honey and apples. Apples are a very acidic fruit. When con... Read More »

Does Apple Juice Contain Malic Acid?

Apples contain malic acid in levels that vary, depending on factors like the time of year, the variety of apple and the growing conditions. Malic acid is what gives apple juice its flavor and acidi... Read More »