Does an apostrophe go after the word its to make it possessive?

Answer The word "its" belongs to a group known as possessive pronouns, along with "his," "hers," "yours" and several other pronouns. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab reports that "its" represents... Read More »

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How to Use a Possessive Apostrophe at the End of a Name?

Possessive apostrophes lessen some of the confusion in the complex English language. Possessive apostrophes for names indicate that someone possesses something. Unfortunately, as with most grammar ... Read More »

Where do you put the apostrophe in a possessive noun?

With singular nouns, the apostrophe is added at the end of the noun and then an "s" is added after it. If a plural noun ends in "s," add the apostrophe after the "s." If it doesn't end in an "s," a... Read More »

How to Determine Where to Place the Apostrophe in a Word?

In English, use the apostrophe to show the omission of one or more letters, possession and the plural of lowercase letters. Specific rules define the correct location of the apostrophe in a word or... Read More »

How to Make an Abbreviation Plural Using an Apostrophe?

There is mixed response to using an apostrophe to pluralize abbreviations. Some grammar books and guides suggest that you should never use an apostrophe to pluralize a word, while others deem such ... Read More »