Does an amniocentesis test detect alcohol consumption?

Answer The amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy is not detected by an amniocentesis. The test searches for chromosomal disorders, like Down Syndrome, and checks for genetic disorders, urine infecti... Read More »

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Is there a UA test that can detect alcohol use for more than 48 hrs?

Yes, there is a UA (urinalysis) test to detect alcohol in your system for longer than 48 hours. An EtG (ethyl glucuronide, a by-product of ethanol breakdown) test is valid for up to 80 hours after ... Read More »

What blood test is done to detect alcohol?

A BAC test, or blood alcohol content test, is the most reliable for testing the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. The BAC test is the least used because of its expense. People who are on blood ... Read More »

How long does alcohol stay in your system after drinking When would a urine test detect it?

It stays in your system for 24 hours. Both in your blood, intestines, breath. all of that. I was unfortunately driving home one morning from a night out at the bars, and got pulled over. The co... Read More »

How much is an Amniocentesis test?

over 4000$ total bill, insurance covered 1300$,I have to pay around 2700$, (2010, Mashfield clinic)I didn`t know it`s so expensive for my family,Should I have skip it,...