Does an air conditioner need a filter?

Answer Window air conditioners and central air conditioning systems do need a filter. Filters remove many of the annoying particles present in your home and office. A good filter in your window air condit... Read More »

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How Often Should One Replace an Air Conditioner Filter?

Systems that are used to filter air and water inevitably reach a point at which they become saturated with filtered materials and need replacement. Whether a drinking water filter or an air conditi... Read More »

Do you wet the filter of an air conditioner to clean it?

If the air conditioner filter is disposable, replace it. A filter that is made from plastic can be cleaned by washing with detergent and hot water before reusing. Thoroughly dry the filter before p... Read More »

How to Change an Air Conditioner Filter?

It’s important to change an air conditioner filter at least once every few months to guarantee your air conditioner works at its optimal level of performance. The filter acts as a barrier between... Read More »

Which way does a central air conditioner filter go?

Air conditioner filters have an airflow indication arrow printed on the side. The arrow should point toward the duct. If no airflow arrow exists, the fabric side of the filter must face away from t... Read More »