Does an adoption supersede a guardianship?

Answer Yes. If someone is lawfully adopted, they become the adoptees responsibility and previously appointed legal guardians are no longer necessary.

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Texas Guardianship Vs. Adoption?

While guardianship and adoption both concern the care and welfare of minor children, the differences between the two are many. Both are used to grant legal authority to care for a child to someone ... Read More »

Should a child have a choice between adoption and guardianship?

I agree with the choice of adoption or guardianship for children who can understand what the difference is, and what the implications are. If they're old enough to understand what the role of paren... Read More »

Does federal law supersede state law?

Federal law supersedes state law according to the Supremacy Clause, Article VI, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution. Every state has to abide by federal laws, the authority of the federal go... Read More »

When does civilian law supersede military law?

Civilian law is typically always in place. Military law is only invoked in extreme emergencies. However, military personnel are always subject to military law. The Adjutant General will negotiate w... Read More »