Does an acer 3680 have a slot you can insert your cameras memory card?

Answer The print head assembly holds the ink jet tanks. The INPUT to this assembly are a) the ink from the tanks, and b) the signals from the computer.The piezo controlled ink jet nozzles of the print hea... Read More »

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Should The Memory Card In My Phone Insert All The Way In The Slot And Lay Flat?

I would think so. Are you sure you have the card and the battery inserted the right way? It probably only fits in one direction. If in doubt, check your manual.

Digital Camera Memory Cards - Does your computer have to have a slot for one to use one?

You have two options to read your cards;1. buy an external USB card reader. You plug this into a USB port and use it to read the card.2. buy and internal card reader and install it into your PC if ... Read More »

Where is the memory slot in acer aspire?

The Random Access Memory (RAM) on the Acer Aspire Netbook computer is located on the underside of its motherboard, in the lower left corner, as you look down on it from above. Several steps are req... Read More »

Hi i have 8GB sdhc sandisk memory card when i inserted in my canon camera its said card error card locked ichecked on the side it was fine when i insert in my PC it reads can you pls help?

Maybe. Take it into a camera shop and ask them to do a card recovery. Sometimes they can retrieve the images. Another way is to use photo recovery software. One I used before is Asoftech Photo Rec... Read More »