Does an Xbox cooler work?

Answer On One Hand: The Intercooler Provides Three Additional FansThe Xbox 360 Intercooler provides three additional fans that are powered by the console itself. These fans increase ventilation and can de... Read More »

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Does the Xbox Live Communicator headset work for Xbox 360?

The Xbox Live Communicator Headset was designed for the original Xbox. Therefore, it is not compatible with the Xbox 360. An Xbox 360 headset that plugs into the 360 controller is available for use... Read More »

Does Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the Xbox work for the Xbox 360?

Star Wars Battlefront for the original Xbox will work on your Xbox 360 after downloading the console's software emulation update. You need an Xbox 360 hard drive to play original Xbox titles on you... Read More »

Do Xbox games work on an Xbox 360 console?

The Xbox 360 console has a feature called backward compatibility that allows gamers to play some original Xbox games on the 360. However, not every game for the original Xbox works on the Xbox 360.... Read More »

Will an xbox 360 steering wheel work on an xbox?

The steering wheel for the Xbox 360 will not work with the original xbox console. The Xbox 360 steering wheel connects to the console wirelessly, and original xbox did not have that connection cap... Read More »