Does an IRS lien affect a 401(k) payout?

Answer An IRS lien may affect the payout amount of your 401(k). If the IRS is owed money, it has the power to seize any account in which you have invested money. This includes but is not limited to 401(k... Read More »

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Car Insurance company is sending check attorney states Medical lien is larger then payout, what are my options?

Assuming you are in the U.S. Sounds like your wife has a Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury claim (UMBI). Frankly, I'm surprised the company is covering this since there was no contact with the other... Read More »

Will a 401k Payment Affect My Unemployment Benefits?

Workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own are generally eligible to collect unemployment benefits. However, the rules for the unemployment insurance program are complex and vary from... Read More »

What affect will filing a lien against an HOA have on the neighborhood homeowners and their property?

Apparently the association owes a debt over which a lien has been filed. Effectively, the lien can cloud the title of all the units/ homes in the association.It is in the best interests of all the ... Read More »

My condo community has decided to put new siding on your homes and if I don't pay 5500 they will put a lien on my home. Will that affect my credit rating?

Yes, a lien on your title, which clouds it, becomes public record and can affect your credit rating.