Does an HMO or PPO give the patient more flexibilty?

Answer Answer PPO - generally has a larger list of MD's and allows you to see MD's outside of the network, but at a lower payment level.

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Is it risky to give b.l.o.w.j.o.b from diabetes patient?

diabetes is not contagious. when someone gets diabetes they have a problem producing insulin. insulin is created in the pancreas and used to get the sugar from the blood into the muscles. so it can... Read More »

Can a doctor refuse to give a patient a referral?

Hi thumperHave you tried calling your insurance company and ask if you will be able to get a second opinion since you do not care for diagnosis your current ortho has given you. I would assume tha... Read More »

What does the doctor give the the patient while waiting for x-ray results?

X-rays usually do not show any evidence of stress fractures, so a CT scan, MRI, or 3-phase bone scan may be more effective in unclear cases.If a stress fracture occurs in a weight-bearing bone, he... Read More »

What advice can I give as a nurse regarding a patient taking chemotherapy?

Educating patients about chemotherapy helps relieve their anxiety, set realistic expectations, manage physical side effects and achieve better overall outcomes. Nurses can advise patients before, d... Read More »