Does an 8-32 thread gauge go into an 8-32 ring gauge?

Answer No, the gauge of a ring usually refers to the interior diameter (ID) of a ring. Therefore the thread and the inside of the ring would be the same size.References:Blue Buddha Boutique: Inner Diameter

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What does go no-go thread gauge mean?

A go no-go thread gauge is a type of device that tests the diameter of a threaded object to ensure that it meets certain specifications. For example, if the go thread plug goes into an object like ... Read More »

Is 18 gauge steel kitchen hood thicker that 22 gauge?

Answer yes the smaller the number the thivcker the gauge

What is the actual thickness of a 20-gauge or 30-gauge pool liner?

AnswerGauge is the equivalent of a "mil" which is "thousandths" of an inch.Hence, a 20-gauge pool liner would be 20-mil which is 20 thousandths of an inch or 0.020" = 0.02 inches. A 30-gauge liner ... Read More »

What is the smallest gauge eyebrow ring I can get?

The standard gauge for an eyebrow ring is usually a 16 gauge or 18 gauge and most eyebrow jewelry available is one of these two sizes. There has been a recent trend toward using a 14 gauge; however... Read More »