Does ammonia work as a cat repellent?

Answer On One Hand: Veterinarians Recommend AmmoniaDr. Jon Rappaport, DVM recommends the use of ammonia as a cat repellent for flower beds. He advises that pet owners bury baby food jars in the garden wit... Read More »

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Does egg white work as a deer repellent?

Egg whites or whole eggs make an effective deer repellent. Blend eggs thoroughly with water to dissolve the whites, then apply to plants with a spray bottle at least once per month. University of C... Read More »

Is household ammonia the same thing as ammonia cleaner?

Household ammonia is a strong chemical that can be used in gardening and cleaning both at full strength and diluted. Ammonia cleaners, such as window cleaners, contain other chemicals and are only ... Read More »

Does ammonia react in the air?

Ammonia (NH3) does not react with air at room temperature, but, under the influence of a temperature of 1,475 degrees Fahrenheit and a platinum catalyst, ammonia reacts with oxygen to form nitric o... Read More »

Does ammonia remove stains?

You can use ammonia to remove acidic and alkalai stains such as coffee, fruit juice and blood. Cornell University does not recommend using ammonia that contains fragrances or colors, and warns agai... Read More »