Does ambrotose cause sugar problems?

Answer Ambrotose is a nutritional supplement that is a blend of carbohydrates. Twelve capsules of Ambrotose contain 1/25 of teaspoon of table sugar. It does not appear to have any side effects nor does it... Read More »

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Does Sugar Cause Wrinkles?

Eating foods high in sugar can contribute to aging, and many doctors and nutritionists recommend reducing or eliminating sugar from the diet in order to improve skin quality. Does t... Read More »

Does eating sugar cause diabetes?

Regarding type 2 diabetes... That's what my mother's doctor told her in 1966. Since then, I stayed the heck away from sugar. Guess what, I'm diabetic anyway. No, it's not the sugar. Someone above a... Read More »

Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

No one knows exactly what causes diabetes. However, based on the extensive reading I've done on this subject, it's more likely that fats are the principle cause of type 2 diabetes.... not sugar. Ty... Read More »

Why does the appendix cause bladder problems?

According to Medscape, approximately 7 percent of the U.S. population suffers from appendicitis every year. Diseases of the appendix may also affect neighboring organs, such as the bladder.Descript... Read More »