Does amazon mp3 android capture and sell phone numbers?

Answer No...Its a Single sim phone

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How do you download phone numbers from an android to a mac?

It is so simple!. Copy all contacts of android to your sim and copy from sim to mac mobile. You may use 3G sim for more contact list.

How do you use tracking numbers for eBay on android phone?

Android apps are created in Java. That is a computer programming language. There are a lot of guides to help you learn Java. Also you would download Eclipse. This is an IDE that makes it easier to ... Read More »

I want to sell a it better to sell on ebay or

I want to sell my phone, can I sell my plan with it How does this work?

You cannot sell your contract has it has been agreed by you ! Saying you will pay (X) amount for (X) amount of time for the use of there service. And believe me when you sign a contract you are ful... Read More »