Does alt.binz 0.25 support ssl?

Answer Alt.Binz 0.25 is able to connect to usenet servers using SSL for a secure, encrypted connection. Make sure that you know the correct port number that the server requires in order to connect to your... Read More »

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Does the mother who files for child support first get more for her child than the other mother who files for support after she does. And will support be decreased or altered for the first one?

No. The family with the older child[ren] gets the full percentage of net income. The family with the younger child[ren] gets a percentage of net income after subtracting payments ordered and being ... Read More »

If the non-custodial parent who is paying child support adopts or has more children does his support obligation decrease?

AnswerYes, You can request anything, the sex, the race, the parental histories. This is a major decision. Seriously think of what it is you want, how realistic your request is and tell that to who ... Read More »

What does support for support mean on instagram ?

Basically it is an internet slang that means "you support my site and I'll support yours".For instance, you promote and post good things about their site and they will do the same for you with the ... Read More »

Tell me FEATURE of zync z990 tablet will it support hindi language does it support tv just like zen ultrata?

it has operating system of android version 4.0.IT comes with 7.0 inch fully touch screen with HD video quality.IT has 1gb ram and internal memory 4gb and it is expand to 32gb.It has also front came... Read More »