As a finishing touch of marinade for Lamb Chop, is it better a melted garlic herb butter or garlic herb oil?

Answer I would say either one, depending on the cut of the chop, if it was a ribs rack chop the butter, if it is a loin or shoulder chop the oil as these have more fat and are generally thicker cut chops,... Read More »

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Garlic Bread with Cheese French Fries with Cheese Or Eggs with Cheese Which from this list do u like->?

Hi Scooter, um, I like garlic bread, but more with Olive oil drizzled onSweet tater fries, yummy, chees on the side though. Honey dip is a good thing.Eggs yes, with melty cheese, pepper jack please.

What herb should I use for bow tie pasta with garlic& oil?

On One Hand: Basil and Parsley are ClassicsChopped fresh basil and parsley are traditional additions to Italian pasta dishes. Use flat-leaf parsley, rather than curly parsley. Add the herbs after y... Read More »

How to Make Garlic and Herb Foccacia Bread?

Rosemary FocacciaFocaccia is the gourmet version of pizza dough. In fact, focaccia could be used as a tasty substitute for pizza dough, if you wanted to make a more gourmet-style pizza. Read on abo... Read More »

Would a garlic herb butter be horrible using dry herbs?

I don't know why. Dried herbs are more concentrated in flavor.