Does alltel wireless internet work on multiple computers?

Answer Alltel wireless Internet cards can only connect to a single computer at a time; however, you can share that Internet connection with multiple computers by using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharin... Read More »

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How to Connect Multiple Computers to a USB Wireless Internet?

Connecting your computers to your wireless Internet network through a single wireless USB Internet device will allow you to save some money on wireless cards. The computer using the USB device will... Read More »

Does an antenna booster work with the Alltel Quick Link mobile wireless?

Yes, you can use an antenna booster with Alltel Quick Link mobile wireless. It is fully compatible with EV-DO and can boost the range of the Quick Link mobile wireless device.References:Alltel: Dow... Read More »

How to Set Up Alltel Wireless Internet?

If you purchase Alltel wireless Internet from a third party provider or from Alltel itself, the process to set up the Internet is very easy. Usually, your wireless will actually be DSL, with a wir... Read More »

Can you play Xbox360 with Alltel wireless Internet?

No, Alltel wireless Internet cannot be used with an Xbox 360. Alltel wireless Internet is meant only to be connected to smartphones, such as the Pocket PC, Palm Treo or BlackBerry, along with certa... Read More »