Does all the space, like movies and music, on your computer make it slower?

Answer Slapnut,Yes, video and audio files take up HDD-HarD Drive space and other system resources very quickly. That can make your PC react slower as well as having too many graphic files, videos, music,... Read More »

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Does downloading illegal music onto your iphone 5 make it slower?

No... but of course don't get music illegally...

Does Lack of Memory Make your Computer Slower?

Just so you know, adding RAM doesn't make your computer faster in some instances. Look, if you have 1GB RAM and your computer only uses 1/2 of that (on average), what is adding RAM going to do? I'l... Read More »

Can just viewing 4chan make your computer slower?

Well loading any content on any website will make your computer slower since it needs to load all those resources.That said, 4chan is pretty light in that regard. Small ads and a simple layout. No ... Read More »

Does more memory on a computer make it slower?

Many computer users struggle with a balance of computer hardware and software as they work to optimize their machine's processing power. Random Access Memory, also known as RAM, can increase the sp... Read More »