Does alcohol consumption affect the absorption of lead in the body?

Answer Alcohol consumption increases blood lead levels, according to a study reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology (vol. 139, no. 6, 1994). The researchers concluded that an increase in blood l... Read More »

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Does prevacid affect absorption of calcium tabs?

On One Hand: Prevacid Does Affect Calcium AbsorptionAccording to WebMD, Prevacid inhibits the formation of gastric acid in the stomach. The inhibition of gastric acid production in your stomach re... Read More »

Does stopping smoking affect medicine absorption?

Yes, stopping smoking does affect medicine absorption. Nicotine affects the liver in such a way that certain drugs are less effective because they metabolize faster. So if you quit smoking, it wi... Read More »

Does a Change in Income Affect Consumption?

In economic theory, a change in income typically results in a change in demand for goods and services. The actual change in demand that occurs will depend on the specific good or service. Additiona... Read More »

Does alcoholic consumption affect creatine effectiveness?